Otofresh – Dog and cat ear cleaning lotion 200ml


Ideal for periodic cleaning of the ear canal, the ear spray lotion fluidifies and cleanses earwax. It is adjuvant and soothing in the treatment of bacterial and yeast otitis.

Furthermore, thanks to its active ingredients, it normalizes and strengthens the natural defenses of the tissues, making the animal’s ear healthy and protected.

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How do we get this result?
The natural active ingredients of this spray are:

Chamomile extract: it has calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the skin.
E. Eucalyptus: gives freshness to the ear canal, it also has an important antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.
E. Lavender: has an antibacterial, sanitizing, sedative, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.
Glycerin: performs an emollient, refreshing and soothing action. In synergy with the other oils and extracts present, it has great sanitizing, calming and deodorizing power.
Aloe Vera: makes the action on the coat and skin delicate and soothing.
Mallow extract: has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, it acts by coating the mucous membranes with a viscous layer that protects them from irritating agents.
The constant use of this product helps to keep the ear clean and to prevent the presence of yeasts and inflammations.

How to use : Spray inside the ear 2-4 times, depending on the size of the dog. Massage the base of the ear keeping the dog’s/cat’s head at an angle. Clean and dry the ear canal with a cotton ball or gauze.


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