Natural Shampoo For Dogs Red Fruits 250ml


Natural shampoo for dogs Red Fruits
Our Natural Shampoo for Red Fruits dogs makes the coat soft and shiny, moreover, it guarantees an intense and long-lasting fragrance.

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The Red Fruits Natural Shampoo for dogs is a product designed to ensure effective cleaning of the dog’s coat and skin. It is developed to obtain a soft, shiny and untangled hair.
How do we get this result?
The main ingredients that allow us to have these results are:

Jojoba oil: it is a vegetable lipid composed of a mixture of wax esters, E and B group vitamins, zinc, copper and iodine. Thanks to all these elements it gives softness and smoothness to the coat and also makes it very shiny.

This natural shampoo for dogs is excellent for all types of hair, which is why we call it “universal”. However, it is particularly advisable in the case of stressed, dry and brittle coats. In fact, you will immediately notice an improvement in the health of the coat.

Since it is very important to keep the coat constantly clean, we recommend this delicate shampoo, suitable for all scalps.

How to use:
Distribute evenly on wet hair, massage and rinse abundantly and carefully with water. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Furthermore, to have a good maintenance of the fragrance we recommend our Red Fruits Natural Perfume .


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