White Mantle Shampoo 250ml


White Coat Shampoo is specifically designed for the bath of dogs with light coats. Deeply cleanses making the coat increasingly white and soft, also helping to prevent yellowing of the same.

How do we get this result?
The active ingredients that allow us to have these results are:

Titanium Dioxide: specially formulated to obtain the candor of white and delicate coats. The high whitening power causes the coat to recover whiteness and great luminosity.
Cobiowhite: is a botanical extract with whitening and antioxidant activity.

Regular use of this product guarantees excellent maintenance of the light coat and helps to counteract the unsightly yellow .

How to use : distribute on wet hair, massage evenly. Leave to act for 2/3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the operation if necessary.


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